Shirley Landry, Easthampton, Ma

Life in Balance!

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Grow Towards Wellness

Choosing to live a healthy and fulfilling life is not just about

 eating the  right food and exercising. Wellness is more than being

 free from dis-ease of the body, it's  a process of change and

 growth towards mind, body and Spirit union. Within this site there

 will be tools to help you along that journey. Should at any time

 you find yourself feeling lost, I'm always here to help guide you back.

 All you have to do is ask


Alternative Choices

We all strive to live a joyous filled life, with purpose and potential, maintaining optimal wellness is key. Our thoughts, feelings and choices we make or don't make directly affect our well-being, causing us to become out of balance.

Reiki can help bring us back into Balance!


Crystal Bowl Meditations

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Through the 

process of stillness, it allows you to go within and find the 

flame of your true self burning within. Crystal singing bowl carry you

on their vibrational waves, as we resonate with their energy, we are

carried to that sacred place within.


I began my spiritual journey in 2004, when I was introduced to Reiki. Life had become very much a struggle for me, I was at the point of not knowing where to turn. Reiki changed all that.

 I finally found what felt right, like home. I began studying about alternative healing methods, which brought me to crystal singing bowls and essential oils. Life changing events, each one helping me to grow. Today, I still continue to explore different healing modalities, and will share my findings here. So, please stop by often to see what's new.